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It has been five weeks since the infamous Boko Haram terrorist group kidnapped 276 schoolgirls from the Government Secondary School in Chibok in Borno state.
Last Friday, May 16, 2014, WIMBIZ held a Town Hall Meeting themed “Chibok & Beyond” at Terra Kulture in Victoria Island.  The aim of the meeting was to discuss and proffer practical solutions that individuals, NGOs, CSOs, communities and corporate organizations can apply to address the challenges facing the girl child in Nigeria. 
Click here to get an overview of the recently concluded Chibok & Beyond Town Hall Meeting.
Borno State has been under attack from Boko Haram for over five years and the situation has become so critical that it has now been deemed a humanitarian crisis. 
One of the key action points from the meeting was that as individuals, we can participate by offering humanitarian help through making donations and supporting organizations working in the affected areas.  

Five organizations we identified are:

  •   Kudirat Initiative for Development (KIND) 
  •  Enough is Enough (EiE)
  • Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Program (NSRP)
  • Life Coaches Association of Nigeria (LCAN)
  • BTH Integrated Services- Counseling Psychologists and Cognitive Behaviour Therapists
To make a donation, contact an organization and for enquiries, please contact Moremi Onabolu, moremi@wimbiz.org or call +234 (0) 0803 594 62499.
Are there any other ways you would suggest individuals could help?  Or do you know of any other organizations that individuals can donate to?  Please leave a comment below for suggestions of practical solutions that individuals can apply to address the challenges facing the girl child and her family in the crisis areas.