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Audrey Joe-Ezigbo

Executive Director, Falcon Corporation Limited

Audrey is a cofounder of Falcon Corporation Limited, an oil and gas services company. She is an active member of Women in Management, Business & Public Service (WIMBIZ). She is also a member of the International Women’s Society (IWS).

An encourager by nature, Audrey is particularly passionate about building up early-stage and growth-phase entrepreneurs and serves as a mentor on various mentoring platforms including WIMBIZ, Apostles in the Marketplace AIMP, Lagos Business School, and the FGN YouWin program.

Audrey is a prolific writer and author with four published books – “Double Impact”, “Uniquely Woman”, “Ruach” and “Uniquely Woman 2” to her credit. She runs an inspirational, self-development, faith-based blog “Uniquely Woman” which is designed to guide women to attain a deeper understanding of self, gain clarity and intentionality of purpose, and thus live more fulfilled lives.

Audrey is the Convener of the Double Impact Platform and the Double Impact Conferences, both of which are platforms for delivering business and relationship-building training for entrepreneurial couples who are in business together, thereby helping them create highly successful businesses institutions while maintaining happy and prosperous homes.

An active minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Audrey believes that she is a conduit – via her businesses, writings, speaking, and other platforms in and out of the marketplace, through which people will experience the manifest love of God.

Audrey is happily married to Joe Ezigbo and blessed with 4 children.