In an effort to further our vision to be the catalyst that elevates the status and influence of women and their contribution to nation building, WIMBIZ has partnered with the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Communication Technology to bring you the S.H.E (Smart, Happy, Empowered Woman) App of the SmartWoman Project.

The SHE app is a mobile service supporting the advancement of Nigerian women. WIMBIZ seeks to bring the catalytic potential of ICTs within the reach of all Nigerian women. ICTs have a direct catalytic role in improving the socio-economic well-being of women in particular and Nigeria in general. ICTs help women improve their business performance; help women to be more efficient and effective in their jobs; can generate new employment opportunities for women. ICTs contribute to increasing the social welfare of women by increasing opportunities for women to know how to meet their basic needs (and those of their dependents).

Through the use of a digital device, the mobile application (App) will allow women in Nigeria to connect with one another, share their knowledge and learn from each other, and as a result, empower themselves to achieve their goals.

The SHE App will provide an affordable means for Nigerian women to receive in a timely manner, accurate information that is relevant to their needs.

SmartWoman project aims to build-up a community of women that will subscribe to the SHE app to receive content daily on a wide range of issues such as parenting, health, finance, etc. Members will be able to interact in this community by sharing comments, posing questions, and participating in polls and surveys etca

The SmartWoman Nigeria Project will be extended to ‘beneficiary’ women who will receive targeted content via text messages free of charge. Such content will include life skills, money management, health, safety, security etc. Should they wish to, SHE App subscribers can also purchase phones for beneficiary women. These subscribers will also be able to donate to women’s causes and programs promoted by the SmartWoman Nigeria Project.

All content is written and supported by Nigerian women.

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