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WIMBIZ joins the United Nations and UNESCO to celebrate today, the first ever International Day for Education. The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed January 24, as International Day of Education, celebrating the role of education for peace and development. Aside the vital role education plays in forming one’s perspective about life, It also helps individuals form opinions and develop a strong sense of identity.

WIMBIZ believes, Education is a human right, a public good and a public responsibility. This is why the WIMBIZ BIG SISTER PROGRAM is designed to provide, equip and empower young girls in public secondary schools between the ages of 14-18 years with life skills that will boost their confidence and build their leadership capacity; thereby preparing them for post-secondary education. Beneficiaries of the program are mentored by accomplished female professionals in various fields who have a commitment to the development of the girl child.

The objective of this program is to shape the mindset of students and expose them to vital skills for success in life and connect young girls to appropriate (Big Sisters) in various fields. As the world marks the very first International Education Day, WIMBIZ is calling on governments and all partners to make universal quality education, most importantly education of the girl child, a leading priority, as it is a key driver for inclusion, empowerment and sustainable development.