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Many innovative and breakthrough ideas or opportunities are overlooked when CEOs are unable to match the value of a new idea to their current expectations of what will work within their company or industry. As a result, we our Annual CEO Policy Maker Interactive Breakfast Series was themed CEO Blind Spots: From Survival to Sustainability which held on Tuesday, June 7, 2016.
In Nigeria, blind spots are further widened by our current economic realities which have forced businesses to streamline their operations and adopt short term cost cutting measures in a bid to survive today’s economic challenges. Sometimes resulting in layoffs, early retirements and pay cuts leaving many businesses are in dire straits, jeopardizing long term sustainability for short term gains. With over 90 CEO’s and Policy Makers in attendance the event allowed for dialogue which revealed the need for increased communication between staff and the management of companies during uncertain times as well as the need to identify and retain key talent and staff which are the backbone of all successful businesses. 
In addition, WIMBIZ was commended for its contributions to the development of Nigerian Women and its 15 years of effective succession and sustainability. The panel consisted of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds including:Ademola Adeyemi- Bero, Managing Director First E &P, Henrietta Onwuegbuzie, Academic Director, Owner Manager Programme, Lagos Business School, Kofo Dosekun, Partner Aluko & Oyebode, Wole Oshin, Group Managing Director, Custodian and Allied PLC, Haroun Audu, Marketing Communications/Public Affairs Advisor, NASCO Group Nigeria and was moderated by Bisi Lamikanra, Partner & Head Management Consulting, KPMG Advisor Service. 
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