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 A key action point from the Town Hall Meeting, to address the challenges facing the girl child, was for individuals to raise their sons with positive values to become responsible men and to raise their daughters to become strong women.
Our society needs men and women that will stand for the truth and remain undaunted in their pursuit for justice, equity and liberty; people that will seek the common good over personal gain. These much desired virtues are however taught and imbibed in people. To build a secure nation, devoid of miscreants, there is a dire need for our boys and girls to be instilled with the right values. These values will ensure they stand unwavering in the face of challenges and utmost difficulty.
There is a lot of chaos going on in the world at the moment, and all we can do for our children is to ensure they grow up to become strong, confident individuals who will always stand up for what is right.  Our young boys should be taught to be responsible, respectful, positive and treat all humans regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender or race as equals. Our young girls must be taught to be responsible, respectful and positive. They should be aware that they have an equal place in society so they do not grow up feeling oppressed or less than they are.
Unfortunately, the Chibok schoolgirls are still missing and we hope that they are found very soon.  Their love for education has just been extremely tested. The abductors unfortunately were once innocent children that could have been taught value for life, property and the law.
It is therefore important that we ensure our children are raised with morals and clear understanding of right and wrong. 

Are there any other ways you would suggest individuals could help?  Or do you have any advice on how to raise our children to ensure they are well grounded for the grown-up world ahead?  Please leave a comment below for suggestions of practical solutions that individuals can apply to address the challenges facing the girl child and her family in the crisis areas.