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Women in Management, Business and Public Service (WIMBIZ), a non-governmental organisation for women, will hold a Masterclass on Leadership, Equity and Good Governance. The 2018 Masterclass is for 5 days from Tuesday, March 13th to Saturday, March 17th in Lagos and is sponsored by the US Embassy Public Affairs Section in Abuja.

The WIMBIZ Masterclass was introduced in 2015 as a development forum for women in senior leadership positions. This year’s program is tailored towards galvanizing Nigerian women to play a more active role in the civic and political leadership structure of Nigeria.

The program will comprise 10 different sessions – Civic Participation; Equity and Inclusiveness; Effectiveness and Efficiency; Responsiveness; Rule of Law; Transparency; Profitability; Accountability; Consensus; and Leadership. Facilitators include influential thought leaders.