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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mentoring Program About?

The Mentoring Program is designed to meet the needs of young women with the drive and passion to find relevance and excel in their spheres of interest. Over the years, WIMBIZ has diligently provided the opportunity for young women to connect with those who have walked the same paths they are walking and we have seen women reach incredible heights in their careers and businesses with the help they have received from their WIMBIZ mentors.

How do I apply for the Mentoring Program?

A call for application goes out in December. You can fill out a form through a link on our website. Your application will then go through a screening process and successful applicants will be notified mid January.

How long does the Mentoring Program Last?

The Mentoring Program spans a 12-month period beginning with the call for applications and ending with the graduation. To begin the program, mentors and mentees are required to go through a mandatory training to prepare them for the mentoring relationship. In addition, this session will familiarize you with the WIMBIZ Mentoring Program, our processes and guidelines.

Following the training, the 8-month one-on-one interaction between mentors and mentees begins and you will be required to commit at least 2 hours per month to your mentee/mentor over the period.

What is expected of me during the Program?

The Program is structured and mentees will be required to send in monthly reports, which will be monitored and evaluated.

Is there a fee attached to the Mentoring Program?

Yes there is a one time fee of N50,000 (subject to change) required to be paid by set deadline after selection into the Mentoring Program?

What does this fee cover?

The fee covers the training program, graduation and administrative costs.

Are the Mentors Paid?

No, Mentors are not paid, they volunteer their time from their busy schedules and as such the mentoring program should be taken seriously and given the utmost dedication.

When is the Mentoring Graduation?

Mentees who successfully go through the program typically graduate at the end of November/Early December

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