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The WIMBIZ mentoring program has been structured to meet the needs of the growing number of women in management, business and public service seeking development and growth in every aspect of their lives. The program is targeted at young women with the drive and passion to find relevance and create their marks in their industry. It is the most basic path to becoming a member of the WIMBIZ community.

What is mentoring?
Mentoring is a relationship between a senior, more experienced professional with certain values and accomplishments worthy of emulation (mentor) and a less experienced, sometimes junior professional with a desire to learn and improve certain areas of their professional and personal development (mentee). At WIMBIZ, the mentoring program involves highly accomplished women with a desire to give back to the society by mentoring other women that aspire to accomplish extraordinary feats.

The objective is to foster the professional and entrepreneurial growth of mentees as well as afford mentors the rare opportunity of reappraising their business processes and impact aspiring women through a structured mentoring program.

Specific objectives of the mentoring program are:
1. To assist participants to identify and clearly articulate their career and professional goals and create a plan towards achieving it by the end of the mentoring program.
2. At the end of the mentoring program, participants would have created their 5 year strategic plan as well as annual operational plans for the 5 years.
3. Mentors would have in the process gained practical insights and applied the same to their personal businesses evident by obvious development in their career/ professional development.

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