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The theme for 2016 International Women’s Day was Pledge for Parity with a focus on getting everyone to accelerate gender parity. The conversation about gender equality in spheres of life particularly in the workspace is an ongoing one that is guaranteed to continue until the desired goal is achieved. Women have and continue to make great strides, accomplishing various feats in several fields, proving that they are just as capable as their male counterparts and sometimes better. So why aren’t there more women in positions of leadership?
At #WIMBIZAnnualConference, we will spotlight the state of gender parity in Africa, as it achieves global prominence as a key Sustainable Development Goal and private sector buzzword. Panelists will examine the different perspectives and what (if any) progress has been made in bridging the gender gap. Participants will be inspired and left with a strong sense of what today’s crop of aspiring female leaders should do to leverage increasing focus on diversity to build successful businesses and careers in the private and public service.

Do you know that the WIMBIZ Annual Conference is the largest and most inspiring Conference for women in Nigeria? If you have not registered to attend, what are you waiting for? Visit www.wimbizannualconference.com or send an email to conference@wimbiz.org