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Toyin Olawoye

Director, Multistream Energy Ltd.

Toyin Olawoye is a Director at Multistream Energy Ltd, a company she co-formed in 2011, providing financial advisory and consultancy services. She has successfully worked on originating transactions, capital raising, financing structuring and advisory. She is also involved, as an independent consultant, in finance transactions management including Payments and evolving finance technology.

Prior to Multistream, Toyin had a 17-year career with Shell in Nigeria, UK, Netherlands and the US. Over this period she held various progressive operational and strategic leadership roles in Treasury, Commercial Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions and Pension Fund Management.

Before Shell, Toyin worked in banking for 10 years, mostly with Citibank, with experience spanning corporate and commercial banking, risk analysis & management, relationship management, credit product development and marketing.

Toyin obtained her B.Sc. from University of Ibadan, Nigeria and an MBA from Columbia University, New York.