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My name is Foluso Gbadamosi and I absolutely love WIMBIZ. My most impactful experience with WIMBIZ was in 2015 when I took the Women on Boards program that lasted for 3 months in collaboration with the IE Business School, Madrid. I had recently been appointed to the Board of Industrial & General Insurance Company and heard about this leadership development course specifically tailored for women like myself. The course balanced all aspects of being a board member including skills like personal-branding and communication skills. It fit very well into my schedule because it was a mixture of online and face-to-face classes both in Lagos and Madrid. After taking that course, I got more involved with WIMBIZ, becoming an Associate member. I have since taken more courses and attended several events.
WIMBIZ has impacted several aspects of my professional life. Outside of my 9-5 job, I juggle several other passions that WIMBIZ has helped me realize and improve upon. I co-founded and sit on the board of a technology company called 8191 Solutions which caters to SMEs, a passion brought alive through some of my WIMBIZ interactions. I also co-founded a non-profit organization called Serving with Love, which has been in existence for about 3 years and has now been properly structured, also motivated by my WIMBIZ interactions. Finally, managing all the several hats I wear has been made easier due to learning from several WIMBIZ mentors. 
Being a part of such an amazing organization with so many excellent resources has been of great benefit to me. I have been inspired to be my best self, improving my skills through the training I have received. I have also learnt that I am an ambassador not just for myself but for other women as well. I have had the opportunity to network and meet with many amazing women who have become a part of my daily life.