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Folake Oyekanmi

I am a business development and sales coach, a serial entrepreneur, an author and a family and life style blogger – Family Affairs Blog (FAB)

My journey in WIMBIZ since 2016 when I joined has been wonderful. I have not only been inspired to do great things but much more in my personal and business life.

In 2017 I participated in the WIMBIZ Big Sister Program and it was such an eye opener to serve and impact lives. We all have something to offer.

I also joined the WIMBIZ Mentoring Program and was able to mentor a mentee and she started her long-awaited business within the year of mentoring.

Within two years, I started two new projects of impacting lives positively. I became an Author and wrote a journal for awaiting, pregnant and nursing mothers called Hey Baby Pregnancy and Baby Guide and Journal. This is a unique 5 in 1 journal, guide and baby book to give women a memorable and safe motherhood journey.

I also started my business and development coaching series projects to encourage, empower and teach women to start a side business (employed) and for SMEs to grow a structured and sustainable business in Nigeria. And Family Affairs Blog (FAB) will be partnering with key organisations for digital transformation supports and insights. And looking forward to building successful community of women entrepreneurs who will in turn inspire others.

I am extremely glad to be part of WIMBIZ that has unleashed these potentials in my life, career and business and will remain unstoppable to do more. I want to thank my mentor Mrs. Adeola Azeez who kept on encouraging me to join over 3 years ago and for all her unflinching support.

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God bless WIMBIZ

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