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Foluso Gbadamosi

My name is Foluso Gbadamosi and I absolutely love WIMBIZ. My most impactful experience with WIMBIZ was in 2015 when I took the Women on Boards program in collaboration with IE Business School, Madrid. I had recently been appointed to the Board of Industrial & General Insurance Company and heard about this leadership development course specifically tailored for women like myself. The course ran for 3 months and balanced all aspects of being a board member, from big picture leadership and vision, to sharpening technical skills such as finance and accounting to developing soft skills like personal-branding and communication. The program fit very well into my hectic schedule as a wife, mum of 2 young kids and a professional, because it was a blend of online and face-to-face sessions in Lagos and Madrid. The course was so flexible that I started it when I had a 2-month old baby and was nursing, I went to the face-to-face sessions (both in Lagos & Madrid) with my nursing pump in tow. Spending the last face to face session of the course at the IE campus Madrid was a great opportunity to reflect on all the learnings of the previous 3 months and to chart my vision for the type of leader and board member I wanted to be.


I found the program to be extremely practical and useful for my position on the board. One of the memorable moments from the course was when the current Chairman of First Bank, Mrs Ibukun Awosika paid us a visit and shared with the class her experiences as a board member, giving us first hand insights into the roles and responsibilities of a good board member. I enjoyed the course so much and met so many phenomenal women that I was encouraged to get more involved with WIMBIZ, becoming an Associate member. I have since taken several courses and attended more events.


Since taking the course, I feel better equipped to take on board positions and have since been asked to join 2 other boards. WIMBIZ has also had a positive impact on several other aspects of my life, outside of my 9-5 job I juggle several other passions the organization helped me realise and improve upon. I co-founded and sit on the board of a technology company called 8191 Solutions which caters to SMEs, a passion brought alive through some of my WIMBIZ interactions. I also co-founded a non-profit organization called Serving with Love, which has been in existence for about 3 years and has now been properly structured, also motivated by WIMBIZ. My involvement with WIMBIZ has also expanded my network significantly, as well as introduced me to mentors, who have helped me organize and prioritize my life better.