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Saudat Salami

My name is Saudat Salami. I am the founder/CEO of www.easyshopeasycook.com .

We are an online grocery retailer targeted at working women that want to buy quality fresh produce from the local market but due to time or work constraints cannot do so.

One day about 8 years ago I was looking through the newspapers and saw an advert for the WIMBIZ annual conference which also contained a brief description about WIMBIZ, the fact that it  said WIMBIZ targets women in business, management and public service and those are the same women that my service was founded for, I knew I had to do everything to belong to the association and I have not regretted since.

WIMBIZ provides me a platform to reach a widespread of my target customers. My joining WIMBIZ also gives be credibility with my corporate clients and banks as I’m seen as a serious minded business woman. As an SME looking for both national and international exposure, WIMBIZ also provides that for me. WIMBIZ has also exposed me to Government and International bodies that want to do business with business women in my industry.

I should also talk about the women of WIMBIZ, they are a pillar of strength for me and my business. When I joined the association I was young and inexperienced in running a business, these women held my hand and they continue to hold my hand in my journey in building my business. I have had people ask me if any of the board members or management are on my company board because of the way they help promote my service but none of them are and they are not even blood relations. These women are itching to mentor and grow the next generation of successful women and as a willing student I have made myself available. I preach WIMBIZ wherever I go especially to my friends that are serious about their career and business. You just have to associate with people that have similar vision if you want to go far in your career.