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Stephanie Obi

I run ST Hub Limited, an educational company focused on helping speakers, entrepreneurs, authors, consultants and, thought leaders to create and sell Online Courses and Coaching programs so they can increase their reach and their impact thereby growing their businesses.

When I applied for the WIMBIZ Impact Investment Competition, my idea was to build an Online Business School that would equip young people with necessary skills to start successful businesses, which would then reduce the unemployment crisis.

I believe that by enabling the people who want to impact lives with the necessary technology and business tools, more lives can be impacted in a shorter period of time. This has also proven to be a profitable route and I am very grateful for the prize I was awarded as a recipient of the WIMBIZ Impact Investment Competition. This was very instrumental during the testing phase of the business model and was a great confidence booster.

Thanks to WIMBIZ, not only have I been impacted, but I in turn have been able to impact thousands of people whose lives will be changed because of the type of work we do at ST Hub Ltd.