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Meet Adetokunbo Awogboro who will be speaking on the topic From Passion To Corporate and her experience as a veteran in the nail industry with over thirty five years’ experience. She is the founder of the Nail Studio Beauty Centre a “one stop shop” for all beauty needs with over thirty years history. The Nail studio was the first professional nail salon in Nigeria and Adetokunbo has been at the helm of the company driving it from a two room “nail only” operation into the premier day spa in Lagos.
Adetokunbo is an Agricultural economist by training, a keen gardener, mother and grandmother of three.
The breakout session “From Passion to Corporate” will cover issues like “Can your passion be turned into a profitable business? In the face of extreme challenges, passion plays a role in sustaining a business. This Breakout session will through the shared experiences of the panellists expose women to the value in and process of turning a passion into a structured business. Specifically the session will examine the process of turning a passion into a profitable venture and eventually into a large organisation. We hope that panellists will be able to review and discuss the following:
• Can every passion be turned into a profitable business?
• At what point should the decision be made to expand the business?
• The importance of being an expert in your field.
• Understanding your motivation