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Habiba Balogun

Meet Habiba Balogun, who will be speaking on how to De Clutter Your Life, Head, Heart and Wardrobe. She is the director and principal consultant of Habiba Balogun Consulting Limited, an Organisation Effectiveness and HR Consultancy.  She is also director of Accion Microfinance Bank, Fate Foundation, KIND (Kudirat Initiative for Democracy) and a founding Director of Lagos Preparatory School, the most highly accredited British International School in Africa. 
Habiba is multi-lingual, speaking 5 European languages, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in French and Italian from the University of London, a Masters degree in Organisational Management, including Leadership Coaching and Team Facilitation, from George Washington University, Washington DC. 
Habiba is a fellow of the Aspen Leadership Network and the Africa Leadership Initiative.  She is also a certified NLP Practitioner and Executive Coach, a CMD-certified trainer, and a columnist for various newspapers & magazines.  She is an associate member of WimBiz. 

De-Clutter your Life Head, Heart and Wardrobe breakout session will promote practical tips for leading a focussed and clutter free life. The session will emphasize the effect of clutter on the human mind, the benefits and process of de-cluttering.

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