WIMBoard Program

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Given its commitment to supporting women to achieve their full potential and making significant contribution to national development, WIMBIZ launched The Nigerian Women on Boards (WIMBoard) Programme in November 2012 to increase the representation of women on Boards. Through this programme, WIMBIZ seeks to promote Board diversity. 

WIMBoard will operates on four (4) platforms namely:

The WIMBoard Institute

This platform provides training, education and opportunities for prospective and serving Board members. This brochure details the course content for the institute.

The WIMBoard Executive Mentoring Programme

This Platform provides and effective and inexpensive means of preparing potential and serving Board members for full participation on Boards. 

The WIMBoard Executive Database

This is a resource pool containing details of women who are interested, competent and qualified to serve on Boards of corporate bodies whether private or public. 

The WIMBoard Advocacy

The platform is currently being operated through the SPARC initiative which works to address the barriers to economic development that women face in Nigeria. This is done in close partnership with Africa Businesswomen’s Network and Vital Voices contributing to two broad impact:

  • Increased African Women’s economic engagement in the labor force and in entrepreneurship
  • A more enabling environment for women’s economic engagement and greater poverty alleviation overall.