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This is a hands on approach to preparing potential and serving female Board members for full, effective participation on Boards.

The 3 Months Mentoring Program will help Women on Boards/Women who aspire to sit on Boards gain access to the critical experiential knowledge and resources they need to hone their board readiness & leadership skills. Other benefits of the program include:

  • Mentorship with top Board Members
  •  Board readiness & sustainability
  • Virtual Boardroom simulation
  • Sharing Boardroom experience
  • High impact group mentoring
  •  All sessions with Boardroom gurus

Eligibility Criteria

The WIMBIZ Women on Boards (WIMBoard) Mentoring Program is designed for:

  • Experienced Business Owners
  • Public Sector Directors
  • Senior Corporate Executives/Board Members


The Institute was launched in 2015 to equip women in senior and executive management positions with the skills required to effectively serve on corporate Boards.

The main goal is to develop a strategic vision for women in senior management positions and equip them with the right skills to attain Board positions.

Participants who complete the course receive a Board-Ready Certificate, recognizing that they have finished a full set of training modules designed for women on Boards, Afterwards, those who pass through the training will be given the opportunity to join the WIMBIZ Executive Database for nominations to serve on Boards.


  • Equip participants with the relevant skills and tools required to effectively sit on and add value to Boards.
  • Build the advocacy skills of participants to enable them influence policies affecting women.
  • Encourage participants to mentor Board-able women who aspire to serve on corporate Boards.
  • Build the capacity of participants to increase their visibility across sectors.


The Executive Database is a resource pool containing details of women who are interested, competent and qualified to serve on Boards of corporate bodies, whether private or public. WIMBIZ acknowledges that there are many remarkable women throughout Nigeria both within and outside the corporate mainstream who only need to be discovered, engaged, prepared and encouraged to serve on Boards; consequently, we utilize the Database for nominations on Boards of companies intending to fill Board positions.
To submit your details to the WIMBoard Executive Database, Kindly the link below


This aims to influence and change policies that promote equal representation of women on corporate Boards. This platform is focused on addressing the barriers to economic development that women face in Nigeria.