WIMCAP Program

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Across the globe, SMEs are considered key to economic development due to the significant contribution they make in terms of enhancing economic growth, improving job creation and reducing poverty. Unfortunately, SMEs in Nigeria continue to face challenges that limit their capacity to create jobs and economic opportunities. One of the key challenges faced by female entrepreneurs is lack of finance. Although investors have listed the presence of sustainable systems and structures as a key indicator for investing in businesses, post evaluation results from WIMBIZ programs indicate many SMEs fall short in this regard.

WIMBIZ recognizes that while external challenges are beyond the control of the entrepreneurs, with the appropriate skills and tools, they have the capacity to address the internal challenges.

The program is designed to equip female entrepreneurs with the skills and tools for instituting systems and structures that will enable them grow their businesses, attract investments and create jobs.

  • Equip participants with the relevant skills and tools required to effectively run sustainable businesses that attract investments
  • Expose participants to the gaps within their organizations and guide them through the process of addressing the gaps to ensure business growth
  • Enhance and build their capacity to develop their products and service offerings to international standards
  • Build a community of female entrepreneurs to encourage experience and knowledge sharing; and provide linkages to investors and funding agencies

The program is stipulated to span 3days. It features a 2day training and 1day business clinic in any location of choice. The training focuses on several sessions.