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My name is Agatha Henry-Ajala and I am the Presidential candidate for Nigerian Unified Party. My desire to run for the post of the president of this great country Nigeria is borne out of my desire to see a new Nigeria where the future of all citizens is secured. 

I remember the Nigeria which offered free education to students and where young graduates were able to get jobs upon graduation from the University. The Nigeria where everyone was each other’s keeper and there was safety. People could do road trips because the roads were good and there was no fear of attacks. The Nigeria where public schools were dignified, and it was considered a privilege to attend a public school or Unity school. The new generation of Nigerians only hear of a time when Nigeria was the giant of Africa. I, Agatha and the NUP if given your vote will make Nigeria great again!

The NUP wants every Nigerian to have a dream that in this great nation, economic growth, affordable and reliable health care facilities, all-gender inclusiveness, proper guidance and protection of youth, securing constitutional freedoms, and ensuring election integrity is possible. 

As your President, and with the support of the good people of Nigeria, I shall work towards achieving the following:

  1. Security: Nigeria of today is insecure, for there to be free trade which results in prosperity, there must be security. Security for all citizens, including the farmers and labourers on the field, security for children studying in their classes. Ensuring security of lives and property is one of the focal points of my administration. Where there is security, there will be prosperity for every Nigerian citizen.
  2. Education: there cannot be growth without education and the only way to achieve social mobility is through education. I shall ensure that there is free and quality education for every Nigerian child from early childhood to Junior Secondary Education. While the cost of this may be high, but the country will in the long-term benefit from this investment. Indeed, Benjamin Franklin once said that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Vocational skills are becoming extinct in Nigeria, to correct this, attention will be paid to technical colleges, agricultural colleges, and soft skill acquisition centres. Not everyone will become lawyers and doctors and these skills are just as important to have. Provisions will be made for children with special needs and people living with different forms of disabilities. This will be through not only by the creation of special needs centres but ensuring that such centres are well equipped with specially trained teachers, and instructional materials to foster learning for children with special needs. 
  3. Healthcare: Good healthcare should be available to all irrespective of their social standing. Functional, well equipped primary health centres will be located in all the 774 local government authorities and six area councils in the country. The state governors shall be tasked to develop plans to revamp and equip the teaching hospitals and general hospitals in their respective states. Special focus shall be made on research and development, and public and private collaborations will be entered with private health care centres to provide specialised services at reduced rates.
  4. Power: Constant electricity is required for businesses to thrive. Businesses and manufacturers will only flourish where there is consistent power supply which aids production. High production equals high returns for business owners. Nigeria has consistently had challenges in the power sector and has not experienced much growth in the sector. Despite the presence of oil, gas, water and solar resources, we are only able to generate 4,000MW power but with a potential to generate as much as 12,522 MW of electric power from existing plants. We need to get power right. If voted to power, my administration will invest in solar plants and new grid infrastructure. Investment into the power sector will also be encouraged.
  5. Affordable housing: Having a house is considered one of the greatest achievements that a person could have as it provides a sense of accomplishment and pride. My administration will ensure that there is affordable housing for both the low-income earners and middle-class citizens. This will be achieved through collaboration with real estate companies and provision of low interest long-term mortgages. The National Housing Fund shall also be strategized and made more accessible. When there is affordable housing, incidences of teenage pregnancy will reduce, drug use among children will be curtailed, and there will be a more productive work force that does not have to worry about housing challenges.
  6. Leadership: One of the problems that we have in this country is a dearth of leaders, which is why the same people keep occupying different positions repeatedly. I will create a leadership platform where identified youths will be groomed by thought leaders from a young age, where mentoring will be provided for the youths to enable them grown into leaders. Through this process, there will be no lacuna of the right people to occupy leadership positions in the country. This process will result in the sustainable emergence of credible Nigerian leaders who will lead via transparent democratic processes, provide excellent leadership, good governance, transparency, accountability, social justice and equity.
  7. Grassroots Mobilization: Attention will be paid to the communities in the hinterland. Local government councils will be revamped to pay attention to the communities in their constituencies. Conduct baseline studies to identify specific needs for each community and provide them. Where none is existing, establish community structures (e.g. Ward Health Committees) that will work with health facilities and schools. This system helps to keep a functional Primary Health/school facilities as well as fosters transparency and accountability. Skill acquisition programs will also be developed where required.
  8. Gender-inclusive party: Yes, I am a woman running for presidency but please note that this administration and the NUP is not only for women. It is an all-gender inclusive party where everyone irrespective of their age, religious inclination, gender will be treated with fairness and equity.
  9. Research and Development: Covid-19 has taught us that there must be continuous research and development (R&D) in all areas of the economy including science, health, agriculture. It is only through R&D that there can be technological advancement in the economy. R&D will require investment in research, science and technology for the exploitation of natural resources such as industrial metals and precious metals thereby reducing the over-dependence on oil to the non-oil export sector. This, my administration will focus on through the Ministry of Science of Technology.
The time of empty promises is over. Let's bring change to our nation. Our overall guiding strategy will be to use Root Cause Analysis tool to identify the root causes of problems in different sectors proffer quick fixes while working out long term and sustained solutions. My party and I will redefine the New Nigeria value systems, enshrine the agreed value system in all sectors, teach and market them both local and international the using social media. If these two are addressed, every other system (our 6-point agenda) will natural fall in place.

6-point agenda

  1. Provision of both formal and vocational education
  2. Reduction of unemployment through the creation and support for small and medium scale enterprises
  3. Economic growth by harnessing and developing our natural resources
  4. Security of lives and property, freedom of movement
  5. Provision of good health care
  6. Equality for all genders

Let me Agatha Henry- Ajala be the president of this great country.

Nigerian Unified Party- securing your future

Thank you.



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