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Nigeria is the largest economy in the sub-Saharan Africa and earned its name ‘Giant of Africa’ decades ago. However, in recent times, we are only that in name and do not have the wherewithal to brandish that name boldly. My country Nigeria is blessed with too many to mention both in natural resources and human capital but we seem to lack leaders who are knowledgeable and patriotic.

With 2023 presidential election in view and under the leadership of Mrs Tinu Phillips the able chairman of our party (UPP).

I Folasade Adunni Coker wish to contest in the upcoming election as the flag bearer of our party. My tripod manifesto is as follows:

  1. Power generation and utilization for rapid economic development.(SDG’s No. 7,12&13)
    • Affordable and clean energy
    • Increase supply from 4,000 mega watts to at least 12,572 mega watts or more
    • Invest in renewable energy. (Green and blue energy)
    • Decentralize power generation and supply to have players from both the private sector and State
    • Restructure NNPC and ensure their salaries are tied to actual production and refining of crude oil and supply of same across the country through pipelines and trains to reduce cost to end users, road accidents and illegal refineries.
    • Ensure as a matter of urgent priority that within Q1 of my term, we stop import of fuel and begin production of same. Also before end of Q4, we commence production and distribution of diesel and gas using pipelines and trains.
    • Ministries and government Agencies (MDA’s) charged with duty of ensuring hitch free continuous service delivery will be held accountable and sanctioned where they fail to meet them
    • Reduce mortality rate and unnecessary deaths in hospitals due to power failure.
Reduction in cost of living, gainful employment of the youth, integrated national data system(INDS), Security, Ease of doing business indices increases and country becomes attractive to investors, Interstate migration reduces, Manufacturing sector comes alive, Tourism and night life is boosted and all these translate to Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) and a functioning society.
  1. Youth development and empowerment (Education and vocational)(SDG’s 4)
    • Train and retrain our teachers/lecturers to meet present day training/lecturing realities
    • Equip our schools so our youths can compete favourably with students in other countries and our schools attract exchange programs
    • Ensure and make it mandatory that everyone in my cabinet must sign an undertaken to send their children and wards to a Nigerian schools especially for primary and secondary education
    • Hold the Minister of Education and senior officers in my cabinet responsible for their deliverables and where they are not met, they will be penalised or replaced
    • College of Agriculture: upon graduation, allocate land to farm and necessary tools to the graduates, with government as off takers of produce and create a value chain
    • Create scholarship opportunities for students and Vocational Centres that enable invention, ingenuity and innovation and enter into MOU’s that upon graduation, they will work for government for a number of years.
  2. Go Green (Plant to feed and export) (SDG’s 9&12)
    • Create production factories to process foodstuffs like tomatoes, onions and its like to reduce waste and create export opportunities
    • Create a value chain structure that enhances manufacturing. E.g our cow hide will be used for leather products than when eaten as ponmo as seen in Bangladesh and Vietnam. Where the cost of labour is cheap and it was used to provide employment in the local areas thereby keeping people in the rural areas and stopping high interstate migration
    • Issue of import of coconut from neighbouring countries will be addressed and we will work with the likes of IITA to grow the specie that can be used to produce coconut oil for export and local use
    • Create a database of farmers for different produce, mechanized farming and create an enabling environment for production

This will ensure that the market and town are moving in the same direction. This is because for the 3rd Mainland Bridge to be meaningful to its users, it has to land on the Island. This means that for any of the point listed in my manifesto to be appreciated, the impact has to be felt by every citizen of Nigeria irrespective of tribe, ethnicity, religion or social status.

Excellencia humana et Patriae opus

Meaning: The flowery of human ability and service to the fatherland

See you at the poll.



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